Intro to Adulting: Dating

I was taking inventory of my life the other day with my best friend as most of us do when life comes at you this quick. We went through each other's dating journey and the entertainment such memories brought were box office to put mildly. In the discussion, I realized that dating revealed an intriguing side to people that are fun to talk about.

I generally think the spectrum of the people below taught me good lessons especially what I like or don't like. I myself have been a spectrum of these people as well so I'm a blend of these types people too. I think generally everyone will be a mix of these people too. Just keep in perspective, I am totally joking, generalizing AND stereotyping.

Ps. Dating in this post includes the complete set of talking, texting, casually going out to eat, title, label, girlfriend, boyfriend, courting, trips, etc. You liked them, you tried to see if you're compatible, dating.

Thanks Thanks Thanks.

Some people advise you date once, get it right the first time and move on to marriage. Some will tell you to hire and fire dudes to find out what you like. After all, you're just discovering yourself too, how can you know what you'll like for the rest of your life? 

What I will say... many failed relationships are much better than one failed marriage. 

So as they say where I'm from,

Shine your eye

... translates to "be vigilant"


The people you'll date...


Ms./Mr 'Independent'

Pros: Ambitious, hard working, got their life together, doesn't get impressed by possessions or material things, usually doesn't live with their parents (might on rare occasions), doesn't live on a couch, can pay for dates, doesn't need you for anything. 

Cons: Doesn't need you for anything, won't call or text you when they need anything, can take a while to open up, can get cocky at times, usually too busy for you, will prioritize work over you. Has unrealistic expectations of love. Will usually post long facebook statuses about how they are achieving X.



Ms./Mr 'Nobody wants me'

Pros: Has realistic expectations of love, will explore new things and new adventures, easy going and will put in effort, sees the good in everyone, very generous and usually goes above and beyond. 

Cons: May have low self-esteem, may need extra motivation to go out, may be easily taken advantage of, will ditch friends for love, has trust issues. 



Ms./Mr 'Ride or die'

Pros: Will be your best friend, Will text you from 24/7 without fail, Will go with you anywhere in this life, Will throw surprise birthdays, gets your stupid jokes, knows your favorite movie references. Will find money for your bail.

Cons: Can be the reason you're in jail in the first place, may take you for granted, knows all the ways to get you back, will drag on the relationship beyond its sell by date, difficult to move on from.



Ms./Mr 'Perfect but not quite right'

Pros: Your mother approves, your friends approve, your friend that hates everyone approves, fits your ideal, says all the right things, does all the right things. 

Cons: Something about them is just off, your gut doesn't quite let you rest, your usually silent loved ones are their fans. All your next relationships will be compared to this one. May be the one you break an engagement on.



Ms./Mr 'Serial Dater'

Pros: Knows how relationships work, very emotionally aware, knows their love language, will promptly reply your texts/calls, easy to communicate with, won't forget your birthday, will not bother to rekindle old flames with exes, stops when they find whatever they were looking for. 

Cons: Will move on quickly, can be one track minded, hardly gives second chances, usually doesn't take fault in previous failed relationships, looks for what isn't lost.



Ms./Mr 'Rom Com'

Pros: Loves PDA, does the most, Instagram relationship goals, brings you care packages when you are sick, all your friends are jealous, holds you down, reliable. 

Cons: Loves PDA, doesn't know when to stop, will embarrass you publicly with love, requires press release after breakup.



Ms./Mr 'Conditional Love'

Pros: Will make you work, usually a great catch, will itemize their requirements from the start, will not confuse you, knows what they want.

Cons: There's always something you have to do to keep them, will reveal themselves to you in stages, you always gotta convince them of something, wildly inconsistent.



Ms./Mr 'Where is this going?'

Pros: Great fun, gets you, spends time with you, does enough to make you want more, makes you dream of all the things you can be together.

Cons: Hella' confusing, has a short shelf life, will drag on for no reason, will be the cause of several intervention from your friends.



MS./Mr 'Under G'

Pros: Super discrete, no drama, can be a spy if needed, doesn't need social media validation, no stress to date.

Cons: May have side chicks or you may be the side chick, zero public acknowledgment, will send your val's gift on the 15th.



Ms./Mr 'Best Friend'

Pros: Great chemistry, your friends already think you're dating, you go everywhere together, you have crossed the dating line one time too many, your backup date when all else fails, you don't have to impress.

Cons: The friendship dynamic changes, you can't undo your actions, might get awkward if someone doesn't like the other person the same way.



Honorable mentions... 

The one that will lie so much to you,

The one that doesn't listen to you,

The one you want your children to be like,

The one that is super spiritual,

The one that says one thing and does another,

The one that always tries to put you down, 

The one who only calls when they need something,

The one who only texts,

The one you can't stand,

The one that will stop trying once they get you,

The one you can't tell anybody you're dating,

The one who escaped the friendzone,

The one your parents warned you not to date,

The one that is crazy infectious and you start to mimic.


The one. 


May the odds be in your favour,