My 2019 Project

It’s a New Year.

I’ve waited a few days to get the new-year - new-me blues out of my system. I’m not new, I’m not different neither so, we’ll have to manage. Oh, kinda new Job though. That’s IBM in the image.

Yeah, I work there now.


So 2019

I’ve been reviewing a lot of my decisions in the last year and the year before that, wondering, do I like where I’m going?

Thankfully, I can’t deny that I am better off now overall than I was in any previous year. Yet I know there are things I’d like to change and some goals I’d like to achieve.

In trying to achieve these goals, I suspect that some are perhaps too large to achieve in a year and I’m already discouraged from trying hence the wait for this post.

Then I stumbled upon this video.

To end this short post, here are 2019’s projects

The 117K project (Part 1 - 57K )

As of Nov. 16 2018, my liabilities stood at $117,283.53 besides any mortgage debt. This is across OSAP (Provincial Student Loan), Car loan, Business Loan & a Line of Credit. The total is above my expected income (at this time) so I know I can’t knock it out this year.

The target here is to knock off $57,835.67 by January 2020. The rest will be finished next year.

How did I get to that number? It seemed tough while still achieve-able and it’s just under half of the total. Plus, the number seems like I did some deep calculation. FYI - Finance is pretty much like this. Justifiable assumptions and you make it up.

I’ve created a spreadsheet, I will simply keep it running in my background. Let’s see if those number will move.

Learn to Swim

I’ve wished could swim for the longest time. People have told me is a “basic life skill“ but I mean money is a life skill and most don’t know that either. I digress

I’d like to participate in a triathlon in summer of 2020. I saw my classmates do it and I really was happy to witness their euphoria days after the race. For now, I’ll start with completing an olympic pool unaided by August.

I'll simply go to a pool every Sunday night; whether I swim or not, lol.

Create a business

I have an idea that I’d like to pursue. I doubt it will be much of anything but it’d be interesting to try out.

Having learned a thing or two from school, I’d like to stay in my circle of competence for this one. I will be doing some research on it for the next few months. In that time, I hope to gather enough background to get something off the ground. It’ll be rough but my hope is that I’m solving a need that people would pay for.

I’ll open up a doc in Word and not close it, whether I type anything or not. you get the gist.

Learn Photography

If you know me, I love a good visual. You can usually find me pandering for the window seat because I want to stare at the landscape. I’m the guy with the camera with zero clue what the settings mean. Last summer, I repainted my walls and then painted on canvas simply to spruce up my home. I design my food on my plate because my eyes need to eat first.

This year, I am going to learn to do it right. I’ll also share how and what I’m learning as I go along.

Target: Curate a Portfolio for December

I have a tab dedicated to on chrome. I don’t like closing tabs anyway, let’s see.

Adult some more

I did not sign up for this life yet here we are, might as well find a way to get better at it.

It’ll just be a checklist for this “goal”. It’s just some basic life stuff. I’ll make sure I’m doing it to the best my body and mind will let me.

  • For example, I recently purchased Term Life insurance. Why? Well, if I die this year, my family can mourn conveniently. (FYI - I know that is dark. Truth is we’ll all go someday according to God’s plan unknown to us, might as well include some of your own terms and conditions).

I’ll drop a post a month. It’ll be updates as I track these.

Till the next update,

Don’t waste your time with a resolution.