I waited an hour for food in Montreal

This is a cool tale by phonelight.

So me, a whole me, Tolu 'There is rice at home' Arogunmati, waited in line for an hour, a WHOLE hour to eat food. Which food have I not eaten in this life that I stood outside? Outside in Canada cold for that matter. As I stared into the  Montreal sky that fateful evening, I wondered;

Waow, wonders shall never end. 

This story begins on a glorious spring saturday afternoon, the rain had done it's worst to bully the people of Montreal from enjoying the weekend. I'd say the day was cold but I am from Africa, any day that requires me to wear sleeves longer than my elbows is cold in my book. However, by Canada's shameless weather standards, this was a warm day and so I had to take full advantage.

So, with the wind in my sails and a zeal to explore the city of Montreal I begun my walk of discovery. I felt like Christopher Columbus, about to go on a journey of epic proportions only to find out other people were already there. But hey, if the man can discover a place where other human beings already live, I can too. Go @ your ancestors if you have objections.


Before I go on about my adventure, shoutout to Queen bae for being my tour guide. Thanks for letting this FOB embarrass you publicly in Montreal. I was the guy with the camera stopping traffic for a pic. 

Meanwhile, look at that smile, effortless. #yesItookthephoto

Sha, it was time to walk and my favorite part; take pictures of buildings and the world around me. If you haven't walked through Montreal for a few minutes, let me help you. 

The buildings have a lot of European character in terms of the facades and the facia of the structures. There is also no parking on the road. Oh God, there is no parking in Montreal. You might need to do laps before a spot opens up. I'd describe further but since a picture is worth a thousand words, let me give you a few thousand double spaced.


Midway through the walk, I got hungry, QB wasn't. Instead of going to a food place nearby I opened MY BIG MOUTH and asked to eat in a place you can only get in Montreal.

No, the 'one hour' does not include the journey to the food location.

We chartered an uber across town to a spot that I had to try. The spot is called Marven's, Montreal natives are familiar with this place. The trip was about a 15 minute drive from downtown where my exploratory prowess was being harnessed. When we arrived, there was already a line building up so we hurriedly joined in so as to get our priority secured.

Keep in mind, I was warned that there could be a line. BUT Columbus refused to die, I had to go discover.

When it was finally our turn to eat. OH LORD! YEAASSSSSSS!!!!! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you... dinner at Marven's. 



I think it was well worth the wait and the journey. Unfortunately, by the time the main course arrived, my hands were too dirty to take more pics. Yes, those were just appetizers. Man was hungry, read the title again. Maybe next time, I'll wait to take pictures.

Of course, I had takeaway. Who am I not take some home?

I was so thankful Her majesty suggested the place and I had good sense to listen.

Go and bless your life! 

Columbus out.
P.S. Chris Columbus did some really messed up things eh. People do bad things sometimes I guess.