Lagos JJC - Traffic Edition

I've been in Lagos two days now and honestly, I have way too many stories to tell. The most important one though. TRAFFIC! Traffic on the day I landed was so bad, one LASTMA official ( Lagos State Transport Management Authority) gave up .

I was stuck at the airport for two hours after landing. My brothers and my dad were so stuck in traffic that I ate, took a cab from the airport, got to dolphin estate(an area in Lagos),  and burned maybe half an hour before they got off the road to the airport. Other factors were involved too but apparently that was a rather horrible extreme of Lagos traffic. Unfortunately, I got to experience it from Day 1. 

So on my joy ride from the airport I thought I might as well broadcast what it is like to be in traffic here. Keep in mind that anyone, and I mean ANYONE can pick up a car and be on the road. The amount of lawlessness and complete disregard for vehicle and passenger safety cannot be matched (it should not be matched please). It is a testament to the mental strength of those who successfully navigate these parts on a daily basis.

Before we get into the images, the one thing I LOVE about traffic, YOU CAN BUY ANYTHING on the road. I nearly considered buying a christmas tree. A CHRISTMAS TREE!

Other than that, my goodness! Some guy was driving with his trunk windscreen of his SUV missing, buses stop randomly without signal or warning, drivers yell at each other all the time, horns blaring! At night, everyone is on high beams! Potholes appear at out of nowhere, you'd expect roads to be bad in patches but you can be in the middle of an amazing strip of tarmac and BAM!! People can just start fighting in the middle of the street, some reckless guy hit a sports car (He was begging the whole time), bumpers of EVERY CAR get the tender love of the next car's, pedestrians can just start crossing the road as you are coming, nobody knows the purpose of lanes on the road. 

However, I must admit, I love this! Canada too civil sometimes.