How to appreciate your car Part I

Recently, I had to go fix a rust bubble that had developed on the trunk of my first car, Luna. I paid handsomely for a rust prevention module to prevent this FYI. While Luna was in the shop, I was provided the choice of a rental car to use while I wait for Luna to literally be whipped back into shape. Gladly the rental and fix for the rust would be at no cost to me since my warranty covered this.

While at the rental company, I was given the option of a Mazda CX-5 and a Volkswagen Beetle. Yes they still make those. I obviously chose to go Mazda, because zoom-zoom, and it was an SUV vs a beetle. Was there really a decision to make here?  Anyways, as I got my things in and begun our walk around the car to inspect for existing damage, I noticed in the far corner of my eye, a nice looking piece of german engineering. Actually, there were two, A Mercedes CLA and an Audi A4. I inquired to the possibility of upgrading to either, and voila I had created my own options. $10/day for an Audi A4/Mecredes CLAs vs a Free Mazda CX-5 for the length of Luna being at the doctor? 

Moral of the story: Think outside the box, there is no box.

Anyway, before I proceed further with my story about driving and living with an Audi A4, permit me to tell you a bit about my Luna.

It has been a year since I officially bought Luna, I have learned so much about handling and owning a car in that short time, experience is truly the best teacher. I used to love watching videos about cars and the experience the wheels from someone's POV. Now that I have experienced some of the things they usually talk about that differentiate each car from the next, I can see that they mostly weren't lying.

I am excited that so far I have only had to service the car and pay gas costs, so no other maintenance costs has been necessary. Other than the dealership somehow finding a way to annoy me with what seems like lack of financial ethics and utter lack of integrity, my car has been a pleasure to own and drive. It hasn't been a drain on me to own so far and I intend to keep it that way. 

In many ways, having a car has also forced me to 'adult' a bit faster too. I find my self budgeting for expected costs, saving for unexpected costs, getting to places on time and feeling my best when I get there. I would rather have food in my fridge and eat well than drive a nice car and be having a grumbling stomach so I make sure my life is in order.

These are some of the things that have made me see my car a little differently from being a toy to actually being a tool. As long as it continues to facilitate my life and make me happy, I thank God for my little blessing.