How to appreciate your car Part II

You will need Part I for context

I have driven quite a few cars in my short driving career. From crashing a Hyundai Sonata (the story of that drops in August), to driving a Chevrolet cruze in the winter, a Toyota camry in Lagos, learning to drive manual with a mini bus and test driving a ford mustang. I can confidently say I can at least tell the difference between quite a few cars by driving dynamics. That said, allow me proceed to complain about my Luna for a moment.

The steering wheel of my car has an artificial heft to it to simulate a sports car. it is unrealistically heavy when turning a corner, I'm not sure why that was a design choice but I've gotten used to it and I live with it. The turning radius on Luna is closer to a mini bus than a sports car too but honestly I have a back up camera when I get myself into tight situations so whatever, life continues. 

Luna also has blind spot monitoring that goes haywire when it starts raining or starts snowing. Nissan will say in their defense, the manual warns you not to use it in adverse weather conditions, but nobody asked them to put technology that only works in the sunshine. It also sometimes picks up phantom objects in my blind spot, I can be alone on the highway and it just randomly beeps that something is there, like it senses a guardian angel that is tailing me or something. I just pretend Luna is worried and would just like me to look around. 

Luna takes a minute to load up my music from my ipod. I usually put my music on blast with the moonroof open and windows down. Like, my car is basically the speaker for a concert! When I turn it on, I can have a full mirror check and adjust my seats before my music starts going. Once it is on though, it's time for me and everybody on the road really to listen to my favorite gospel jams. The radio is rather fine, bluetooth doesn't take quite as long neither but something about loading from an ipod just turns the head unit into a tortoise. 

The navigation and head unit also need a hot minute to respond to touch sometimes but at least it works. I find that sometimes Luna's voice from the navigation can be a bit monotone too but I guess its just GPS, deal with it. There was once a time, she didn't bother confirming with me that I was going to montreal road, Ottawa and proceeded to start leading me to montreal QC. I have GPS trust issues now. 

Finally, winter tires, floor mats, windshield fluid, car washes, car detailing and parking are not cheap. That is all. 

Even through all these things I still find that quite a few things keep me excited to own the car, let me begin; 

Remote start - Because, swag.

Heated seats - Because Canada bro. 

First car - Obvious reasons.

So much leg room! - Because size matters

Loud Speakers - Because, Hype

Sunroof - Because Vitamin D and sunglasses.

Tinted Windows - Because team Dark skin.

Push to Start - Because I didn't have a choice. 

All I'm saying, I'm grateful to God for my car.