23 - A year in Review

I just want to thank God for completing my 23rd year on earth. Unreal to imagine that I am that old, I used to think everyone in their 20's was old at one point. I just want to thank God for everything that has occurred to me this year. I will still testify of God's goodness at the end of the year, He is up to something. 

Today, I will be jumping off a plane (skydiving), I know, how very adult like of me. So before I go, I want to give all my appreciation to God and count my blessings this year. 

On that note, I want to thank God for 

... the time I caught up with old friends in Lagos

... amazing ones here in Canada as well.

... coworkers that are blessings to have as friends too.

... the times I decided to chef off (Restaurant coming soon)

... the time we found the light on snapchat

... the time there was food at home after service

... the time I crashed a Hyundai Sonata in the middle of winter and came out without a scratch

... most importantly, showing up in my Life this year. 

... and the numerous other things I have no digital evidence of. I will proceed in documenting a bit more going forward. 

To an exciting year,