Intro to Adulting: Stupidity

In honor of my friend who recovered from critical condition because of a drunk driving incident, I pray that no one I know, love or care about gets into a life threatening situation over stupidity again. The pain, worry and anxiety about injuries and bodily harm to people we hold dear is far too great a burden to repeatedly carry. I'm praying for you, we're praying for you. Get well soon.


No seriously.

I feel like the moment we hit our 20's, a lot of us throw common sense out the window, shouting things like "Young & wild & free","YOLO","it's Lit", "Gonna be a movie", Or whatever daft caption out there now.

Okay, that is fine.(No it isn't) Do you, you're young, you do what you want when you('re) popping.

We are no longer teenagers, we had 6 years (13-19) to do 'stupid.'  If you didn't do enough stupid as a teenager, I'm sorry but it is too late to go back now. Teenage years were the time for rebellion, the time to skip class, the time to discover your friends and to do everything in your power to make them like you. The time you do EVERYTHING your parents told you NOT to do. 

Alas, you woke up one day and suddenly you're an adult.

Now that you will be treated as an adult, you've got to think like one, act like one and most importantly actually BE an adult. 

I get it, we haven't fully discovered ourselves, I haven't at least. So we get the urge to try things, to feel young and to do whatever our body can physically allow. However, SIX years of experience in stupid? It is time to change jobs!


If you are driving, you need to know and UNDERSTAND the responsibility of what you are doing. That you have a car does not mean you NEED to drive it all the time. That your friend asked for a ride does not mean you NEED to drive them. That you've gotten away with a previous dangerous driving charge doesn't mean you were right (And the careless drivers go, "But did you die?"). That someone asked to drive your car doesn't mean they should; they crash it, you pay.

You owe nobody a ride. Nobody needs to like you anymore. You have to do what is in your best interests. If you can accommodate others in the process, then do it. Otherwise, you have the right to do as you please with your driving except put others in harm's way.

Understand that you are responsible for the lives of the people in your car, everyone of them has a hope, goals, dreams, a future. They have family, loved ones, haters (doubt this but it's possible), people they need to impact. They have everything to lose exactly like you if not more.


  • if people get seriously injured or die because of you, how will you live with that guilt?
  • when you go to jail for years because of a moment of lapse in judgement, how will that feel?


  • Learn to call people, use your speakers! Bluetooth!
  • Give someone your phone to text for you, (you show people your texts anyways)
  • Use technology, SIRI can text for you, Google Assistant can as well. (If you're using a blackberry, we can't be friends so I wasn't talking to you.)


  • You will get there in approximately the same time. (5 minutes faster is not worth risking death)
  • Plan to leave sooner if you have to. 

Leave a safe distance between you and the next car. 

If the car infront of you gets in a collision, you need to be able to avoid it. If you can't, that is YOUR fault. 



It is your job to protect your life. That is your number 1 duty on this planet.

Anything that will hinder you from doing your job NEEDS to be stopped immediately.

What I mean is, you need to avoid the avoidable(s). Don't walk into a dangerous situation with two eyes open and then complain you didn't know fire burns. 

If it can be avoided, PLEASE avoid it.

There is nothing worse than an incident that can be EASILY avoided.

If someone does not understand rules of the road and you do, please let them go ahead with their stupidity, save yourself and move out of their way.

Don't be wise and in the hospital. If you are right and someone else wants to be stupid, excuse yourself from the situation.

If your friend is drunk driving, tell them there is UBER. Park the car and come back in the morning. I will split the trip with you, don't hitch a ride from them. PLEASE! DON'T enter the car! UGH!! 

Don't argue with stupid. When wise and stupid argue, the winner is ALWAYS stupid.

Once you know the right thing, do it. Nobody needs to tell you, as a matter of fact, you should tell others(doesn't mean they will listen). You are an adult now, you GET to do that. One of the perks of being an adult. 


Where I'm from, we have a saying that translates to,

if a child is acting like a child, should the adult not act like an adult?

If your friend(s) want to do stupid stuff, DO NOT JOIN IN!

if you friends carry dangerous weapons, knives, etc. MOVE!

If your friends are stupid and only know drugs, you are one snitch away from jail. DIP!!!!!!!

You are the star player in the movie of your life, stop giving others the LEAD role. You are not the supporting cast. Take charge of the situation, try to get them out of it and if they don't listen, YOU get out. You owe nobody no explanation for preserving yourself.

There will be new friends, do not be a statistic.


You are an adult now, you have to start making tough decisions as it is already. Where to live, what to eat, which bill gets paid first, what to do with your money, who to vote, who to love, who to marry, when, what career, OMG! 

Don't add stupidity into the mix.

Life has enough problems as it stands, you should not compound them by adding problems that you made for yourself. If stupid happens to you fine, but you should not happen to stupid.

Do not create problems for yourself. 


When you have finished doing 'stupid' and you can't fix it, guess who has to deal with it?


Be considerate.

Your car crash requires 911, Police responders, an Ambulance, Paramedics, Traffic control, Fire fighters to be dispatched at moment's notice.

Your family has to deal with what you've caused. Especially emotionally and financially.

Your friends have to deal with what you've done.


While I'm on this;

  • Stop doing Drugs.
    • It's too late to be a cool kid.  (You're not a kid anymore)
  • Stop drinking excessively.
    • NOBODY cares about your blackout drunk story anymore, also alcohol poisoning is not cool. Hangovers are like the movie, the first one was great, the rest... not necessary.
  • Stop buying stuff you can't afford especially having to steal or fraud others for it.
    • Stuff is not impressive anymore, we all make money now.
  • Stop racing cars on the street. Go to a car track!
  • Stop being proud and bragging about your stupid moments.
    • I've been in a car crash, ain't nothing cool about it. 
    • Don't play with motorcycles if it can't safely be manoeuvred.
  • Stop doing all the stupid stuff you're thinking of at the moment. 


And for the love of God, THINK about the consequences of your actions.

Don't wait till something terrible happens to you first.