Intro to Adulting: Interests

I've got to say, in my short lifetime on this planet I have met some pretty interesting people. There are those that like to eat. God bless y'all by the way. The ones that like to read, the ones that like to talk, the ones that like to sing, etc. You get what I mean. Most importantly, there are those that have SPECIAL interests.

When I say special interests, what I mean is the thing that people stop to check out. The thing that person does that differentiates them from other people who do the same thing. It is that special thing that makes them interesting. 

So I have begun to notice that these interests start off little but then some day make a huge difference. Either it takes a life of its own to be a career or it becomes a standout feature of a person. Either way, it's the little things that count

We all have that friend that is actually special at ONE thing, that if you had money, you'd pay them to do that thing. During my time in High school, there was a guy whose clothes were sooooooo neat. Like soo soooooo neat, honestly if he were to open a dry cleaning/laundry company today, I would invest. I wouldn't even bat an eye.

Another example, a friend of mine is so good at FIFA, people online literally recruit him to play on their squad.

Let me back up. 

You see there are those that know how to play FIFA, those that can play the game, and those that PLAY the game. The ones that are so good, you watch them play like it's a live soccer match. We celebrate the goal like a pro scored it That is his special interest. This guy even has fans online. 

Likewise, most of us cook food so we don't die. But there are others that cook and the ones that chef. Cooking is not a chore to those people. You hear they are cooking and you try to adjust your schedule to secure your spot. These people don't feed you, they nourish your soul. That good.

What I'm getting at in this post is this, we all have that one thing, at least one. 

There is that thing you do naturally without having to think about how difficult it is. You know what it is, you gravitate towards it by default. If you don't know what it is yourself, what is it that your friends automatically nominate you to do? 

I have friends I call specifically for money advice, that is their thing. I have friends I call for food advice. What kind of rice should I have at home? That is their thing. I have friends I call specifically for car discussions, that is their thing. The ones for soccer. These friends don't usually overlap and it works for us.

For me, I've been told I sound like an old man, like I have an old soul. Mostly because I sleep a lot and I like The price is right. I've been asked for advice and sometimes even as far as mentorship. Half the time, I doubt I have the knowledge or wisdom required for such, but I've begun to accept that might just be my thing. Knowing stuff. So now I read, a lot. I share the little I know here and I answer questions on Quora when I find the time. 

I have a few more interests but that's for another day.

What is your interest?