The Dads in my life ... and then some.

It was Father's Day weekend last weekend so before  go on, Happy father's day to all dads everywhere. I believe fathers, in the eyes of their children, are the first example of what men are like. A lot of us will learn and pick up traits from our fathers because that was the first person we looked up to, the first person whose approval mattered to us.

I personally have  about 5 men in my life who mentor me and I look up to in very fatherly ways. So without further ado ...

The Committee of Dads in my life.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 11.59.43 PM.png

The oga at the top, Arc. Akin Arogunmati

The original Swag Daddy, first of his name. Agbada wearing - no - Cape - hanging hero, National Cricket Champion, Stand up comedian, Parable teacher, His Royal Highness, Igwe IV.

The first to believe in me so wholeheartedly. He sent me to a country he had never been to (at the time) believing I had what it took to make it. #osheyVisionary



The Dad of dads.

The Dad other dads want to be like when they grow up.

Leader, teacher, preacher.  

Advisor, counsellor, mentor.


Coach and Guide, 

Dr. Ralph Dartey.

The Dad I want to be like when I grow up. 

Family man and Absolute gentleman(a james bond looking somebody).

Drops wisdom like a rapper drops bars.


Pst. Ken Mwine-Rumbimbwa

Sometimes, when he calls me I think I'm in trouble.

My business and car guru dad.

He is also a baker(actually), He makes that dough. 

The real Daddy yo! 

No, I will not buy an Audi though.
We have an inside joke about this blogpost.

I wasn't trying to rap. #butIaintArapperdoe

Uncle Zi.
Like does a name get any cooler than Zi?

Finally, My work Dad, PLH for short.

He doesn't like social media or putting his image on the interwebs because "privacy".

Anyways, we eat plantain at lunch together. We eat Jollof rice together. We eat pho too.

We talk about work and life perspectives.

Personal Development and family.

Cultures and possibilities.

The dimensions of existence, basically schrodinger's cat.

Oh and he might be the smartest software guy I know.


Now that we've got the niceties out of the way, let us go back to something.

Whether you're doing a good job of it or not, all dads get their one day to be celebrated. So I hope every father is celebrated or at least remembered no matter how bad or great they have been. Father's Day is like participation marks for dads tbh.

Remember how we started this post saying fathers are the first example of men children see.  It seems a good ratio of daughters would not like a man similar to their fathers. I ran a poll on twitter the other day wondering if fathers were setting good examples of a relationship worthy man to their daughters. Please bear in mind I am in no way saying that people (who voted) don't like their dads. Find the results below (ignore the See results option).

Now, compare to the direct inverse of the same scenario. There is an overwhelming support for guys going for their mothers. This to me shows that women/mothers are holding up their end of things. 

So guys, brothers, future dads and future baby daddies(because it happens sometimes), current dads too

  • can we change the narrative?
  • can we be awesome examples at home?
  • can we at least try?


How many mother's, father's or children's days are there even?