Snowboarding while black

Snowboarding while black

So if by now you haven't noticed, I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, where you don't   think of snow. There was once a Nokia phone with a snowboarding game but that's about as much exposure as I had previously had to snow. Now that I live in Canada though, it is either embrace or despise it. It had taken too long for me to get into winter sports but this weekend I decided it was time, after all better late than never. 

Winter is Coming

We the people of the North suffer from a natural inconsistency called winter. There is nothing I dread more in Canada than frigid sub-zero temperatures.  I've survived 6 releases of this product of nature, suffice to say, this thing has terrible reviews.

For the first time though, I am not as afraid as any of the previous iterations. A lot of it has to do with having a furnace on wheels for the first time ever. I have never driven in winter so I am looking forward to this experience. I've bought winter tires for the first time ever as well. It was either that or teach my car to ice skate. The latter surely has no lived-happily-ever-after ending. 

The next step to my preparations for winter; escape as much of it as I can. Seriously. I'm going on a vacation to Nigeria for just over 2 weeks. I haven't been there in 4 years now. I am so looking forward to some things; this is the part where I daydream about eating hot agege bread and suya immediately from the airport. 

Every year, my winter militia seems more inadequate than the last. I have at least 5 sweaters and perhaps 2 overcoats as of last count but that infantry seems barely prepared for the war that is coming. I lost a faithful soldier one night in the wilderness that is downtown Ottawa and will be looking for a replacement soon. Hopefully that replacement brings major coverage to any gaps in my winter army.

My winter footwear stepped up its game recently, thanks to black friday Sales over at ALDO. My Timbs fought valiantly for me last winter, especially with all the job hunting I did last winter. So I think I'm covered there. My socks are also well stocked so I hope I don't get cold feet. 

With Netflix & Chill no longer in season, seeing as winter effectively handled the "chill" , I believe the kids these days are into the #SeizeTheBae  movement or is it "Cuffing Season"?  One or the other, perhaps both. I have decided against this for this winter though, it is possible I don't have a choice but let's pretend I chose not to, okay? 

Finally, I am thinking of getting a beanie and gloves. I will be looking for suggestions any and everywhere possible. Maybe wait for GQ to come through with some tips. 

Cheers to the coldest time of the year. 

It's a cold world outchea.