Lagos 1 - 0 Tolu

I wrote this post upon arriving at Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos but did not post since I was "data-less". It then fell to the abyss of my drafts from which it is now rescued.

As I write this, I am waiting in the airport an unknown amount of time for my parents to beat the traffic and get me. I think I've been here 20,30  minutes maybe and I'm yet to be excited by this Lagos atmosphere. That is not to say I'm not happy to be back, I'm just not jittery with excitement quite yet. 

For one, it seems people bump into you just as regularly as you breathe air. I am legit in the same square and I have been hit by at least 5 people. The first few were like haha jokes, now, it is ultra annoying. I am tired, I don't have the strength to be tired for myself and then be tired of strangers bumping into me & me worrying if it is a strategy to steal something from me(Nothing is missing).  

Next, Customer Service is still bad. Bad like needs to abolished and illegal kind of bad. Using a call service, I made a call to my mom. The call started but briefly dropped; I tried my Dad next, this time it was a success. The two calls combined were not up to a minute in length. The phone lady,person was like that's 2 calls for 2 minutes. I was like really?!

Her reaction to paraphrase, ehen, is that my business?!

A simple "sorry, it's by minute individually" would have been just fine really.

Hustlers everywhere!!

I had prepared my mind for this next level of "the struggle is real". Sorry Sensei, I was still totally unprepared. From the guy collecting baggage tags, the people standing by doors, the people in the hall ways, the people in uniform, the ones in proper clothing, the ones wearing traditional wear, the random people trying to help you "navigate" the airport.  

I kid you not, there is a traveler I presume has never been here. She doesn't even look like she is 14 yet. She just said to her mom and I quote "Mom, I don't feel safe here". While I can see why, this is Lagos. These streets don't care about your feelings my dear. It is every man/woman/child for themselves unfortunately. Sai Buhari, we are STILL waiting for this change.

There's Construction at the airport! This makes an already congested location, that much worse. They have closed off some places and as a result the traffic here alone is a nightmare. Honestly, I should just charge this thing to the game and go back to Ottawa. I'm ready to go home. Turns out I've been here an hour.

On to the positives. Honestly this is where this post should end but, NO PLACE LIKE HOME! 

Nigerians everywhere. Seriously. These people are bare jokes. I've already witnessed a child get spanked silly in public. I can bet his mother could not wait till she got into Nigerian airspace for this. By the way, who wears heels when traveling? Better yet, while beating a child? What am I witnessing?

Women approach you. Pause, when I was last here, "frontin" was the trend. Then again, perhaps because "obodo oyinbo"(diaspora) is written on my forehead. Either way, this is a thing. I'm not sure how to take this.  

I had a pleasant flight. The first leg from Toronto to Cairo couldn't have gone any better. FYI, Arabs clap when the plane lands, it is NOT a Nigerian thing. The second leg wasn't as comfortable, my seat would not recline. I have the worst back pain at the moment. The plane food was the most flavourful(of airline food) I've had in a long time so my stomach was okay at least. Overall, I rate Egyptair a strong "I would try this again in the distant future"

It is summer again. With that comes ridiculous perspiration but I think I'll survive.