New Year, New Adventures

I can't believe it has been over a month since I last put up a post. I took a self-imposed sabbatical from my social media presence to catch up on the projects I had at work before going on vacation. Now that I have been able to successfully catch up and keep pace with my workload, my other interests are slowly picking up again. 

Today's order of business; The New Office Location. 

I find it amazing how you are able to buy into a vision and see it slowly manifest as you put in the effort.  I remember the interview with some of the executives and how we discussed what was in the pipeline for their organization. Understand I would have taken the job regardless, let it not seem like I bought into a wild idea of what was to come. The patience and the wisdom to explain to anyone the why behind what I do is something I hope to I gain in this environment.

I've been with Thinkwrap Commerce for just over a year since, and what a journey it has been. While I was away this Christmas having the time of my life in Lagos, Thinkwrap moved from the old location at Moodie Drive to the current setup at March Road. All I did during this time of transition was witness some of it from co-workers via snapchat.

I cannot stress enough how much I love the new space. I did a tour of the place on my snapchat a while back but my heart for writing would not let me leave it at that. I especially love the kitchen, I'm in there any reasonable chance I get.  Then again, perhaps it's from my fondness for kitchens and food. The ping pong table also deserves its own special shoutout. Why? I'm currently undefeated on it, I take no prisoners.    

My spot is the best part of coming into the office. I like my proximity to the windows, I have so much light coming through, it's awesome. I can also from time to time get up and enjoy the view of Gatineau hills. The only thing I'd change is to face the windows but I think I'm okay with backing the window right now. I'd be too easily distracted by the beautiful view. 

As I look forward to another year at Thinkwrap, I'm hoping I get better at what I do, the way I do it and the efficiency with which I do it. It would be nice if others could get to experience a workplace they actually enjoy coming to daily. For now, you can come visit me at mine!