Celebration of an Icon - My Grandma.

What more can be said about my grandma? She has been the cornerstone for our family for a long time; so when her children (my parents, uncles & aunts) decided to honour her with a birthday week, I didn't think it was too much. I was unable to make the weekday festivities since I had work commitments but I knew the weekend was not to be missed. 

To get her to her own party, we (her children, I wasn't there) told her we would have a birthday photoshoot with all of her children and grandchildren. Why? She did not want a party since she felt it was unnecessary especially after such a year filled with celebrations in her family and those of her children (a wedding, 3 graduations, that kind of thing). These are the kind blessings that my grandma receives, I am blessed to have her to look up to. 

Between using specially picked out fabric for the occasion, preparing to host the event on Saturday, a thanksgiving service for her life on Sunday, flying into Lagos the Friday before and Traffic, the weekend was going to be all about celebrating her after 80 glorious years on this earth. Naturally, I enjoyed the event from start to finish. The testimonies of my grandma from the event were so amazing. In summary, she is a great encourager, the ultimate disciplinarian, a woman after God's heart, a fantastic mother, grandma, friend and a shining example for all to follow. There was so much to eat, so much dancing but that is what a celebration in Lagos is like. I'm not sure which knocked me out more; between the food and the jet lag I was out for 2 hours after the event was over, before going home to actually sleep.