Lagos JJC - Banking Edition (Part I)

Upon my arrival in my country, I made it one of my goals to open a bank account fully under my name. The ones I had previously were opened on my behalf by my parents when I was young, so the opportunity to get one as a semi-adult was here and I was going to take full advantage. I also felt it was necessary to be able to have some reserve or contingency in Nigeria.

Before I go on, it is important that I mention I am not attempting to shame Nigeria, but to highlight some rather hilarious defects in the way we do things. I am used to a process where it is "in-out" account opened in under 20 minutes, ID, maybe passport photographs, maybe some other residency documents but nothing enough to stress you. In Nigeria, the process requires more or less the same documentation, the way we go about it though is why this deserved it's own story.

I was at the bank on four separate occasions, all the days had their own unique challenge which carried on to the next day and on and on. I believe at some point I added, "Dear God, let today be the day I successfully open a bank account" to my morning prayer. That's right, at a point I was that frustrated with attempting to put my own money with a bank that I was asking God to help. Can you imagine praying for a bank to help me hold my money? A Bank! An organization solely in business for this purpose. 

Day 1. 

That was how I left the Bank  with no hope of getting an account in sight. Naturally, I would not be denied. I knew I'd be back in the battle to get my account. This was just the begining