New Season, who dis?

Before we go any further, look at the photo of those leaves above though. I took that photo. Wow! Maybe I have a career in landscape photography. I mean, look at the photos I took of Montreal in this post too. And this one in Ottawa? This one in Lagos? Please, 'put some respek on my name'

Each year around my birthday, I reflect on my previous year. I review the goals I've set for myself. I think about my dreams and the wild imaginations my inner child hoped and wished adulthood would be.

I ask myself, will the 12 year old version of me be proud of the current me? Will he even recognize me? Would he be happy with where we're going?  I think his most important question would be; Am I a fine boy now? We made it young pup, we made it.

I added another one to my age this year and I'm really excited about my journey. I'm really happy about the man I'm becoming, I'm happy about where I've been and quite frankly, I am pleased with the man in the mirror. I hope I remain on the trajectory I am on as I feel that my purpose is being fulfilled.

As fall rolls around and a new school year starts, I find myself in a place mentally where I'm yearning for more growth and more learning. I've learned so much in a short time about becoming the adult, the professional & leader I want to be that I've even been asked to teach what I've learned & experienced. Partnering with a trusted friend to put classes together and mutually grow and improve our community is a challenge I have taken on and hope to do to the best of my ability.

In many ways I am humbled that people ask for my advice and my opinion on important decisions. I've been exposed to a lot of leadership opportunities that sometimes I stay up(like I am now) hoping and reflecting that I am not leading others astray. When the days come for me to reflect, it can be overwhelming but I try to think from their perspective.

I think about Thinkwrap and 3 years on the wonderful journey fresh from university. I think about the residents & owners who elected me to the board of directors of our Condominium Corporation. I think about my tenants, their welfare and hope they continue to have confidence and trust in me. I think about my students who come to my classes hoping for insight that will help them navigate their journey. I think about my teammates on my soccer teams, I will miss the battles. I think about my mentors who have continued to renew and refine my thought process. I think about my parents who sacrificed so much to get me here. I think about my brothers, God knows I wish we grew up together just a little more.

Alas, life must go on. 


I have enrolled in my masters program for January so I'm excited for a new season in my life. I have a couple of months till the end of the year before I have to move so it's not goodbye just yet. I want to work harder than I ever have so that I can never look back and think I could have given just a little more or done a little more. I'm really excited to round off strong. So let's end the year on a high!

Tears fill my eyes at the thought of leaving my adopted hometown of Ottawa. In the 7 years I've spent here I have experienced the turmoil of college, the elation upon graduating, the confusion that soon follows, my discovery of purpose, the pursuit of happiness,  the warmth of community, my faith in humanity and mutual respect of my peers. Even though I hardly say it, Ottawa, you loved me as I did you. For that, I thank you.

P.S. Thank you all! 2000 people visited my website this year. And Thank you for the 5000 views too. You have all been really supportive, engaging and have made my little corner of the internet so rewarding for me.

It is always my hope that I inspire others to greater things. I hope that people believe in themselves regardless of previous failures or setbacks. I hope that anyone who reads my content feels the heart with which I write these things. Let us break new ground, let's go further. 

Thank you and thank you!