MBAMondays: Orientation Week

Back again with another installment to the docuseries of my MBA experience at Queen's.

The MBA program officially started off this past week. We learned so much about ourselves, learned who was on our teams for the next 6 months and we ate a lot. 

We got a nice welcome banner


We were fed... A LOT

I should preface this by adding, this was exclusively for orientation week. We got breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday during orientation week. 



In this program there is a huge emphasis on knowing ourselves, learning about our tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. This helps inform us of biases in judgement, possible blindspots in our reasoning and ultimately how these can affect our outlook on others and the world. Before coming to Queen's we had filled out about 5 self assessments. 3 of those produced instant reports, the other 2 were revealed during Orientation week.



First up, HBDI

The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, HBDI, is a tool to measure people's thinking preferences. It is not a measure of intelligence, wisdom or knowledge. It simply discloses what the individual responds to in terms of analytical versus holistic thinking, inter-personal thinking versus organizational thinking. You can check it out here [It isn't a free assessment from what I've gathered]

About my results, all I'm going to say, I'm the highest yellow in my class.



AND CQ Intelligence

This one is more about measuring your response to new cultures. It is a self reported assessment as are the others but it is meant to reveal to us what we think of our drive to learn new culture, how willing we are to embrace diverse backgrounds, and our awareness to plan for multicultural interactions. 



Our teams were finally revealed to us. The entire class was divided into teams of 6 or 7. We were informed that these teams can NOT change under any circumstance so, make it work. Makes sense, I've never really been able to change teams at work. 


Oh and yeah, we have team rooms for the entire year. 


Yay! Books are covered!

We get lockers and QMBA Swag.  awwwww yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!! 


I have met more of my class mates too


... and the famous Amanda doing her thing.


We learned a lot about building teams

Alumni came in to encourage us at Transition night


Quick Queen's tour

This school has a lot of history and they make sure to display it. It is like everywhere you go. 

Remember that thing about churches in Kingston.

If not, you can check here


It's about to go down.



Till next week, 

Remember someone in your prayers. 

Preferably me.