MBAMondays: Reticle Weekend

Welcome to another post about my MBA experience out here in Kingston. I appreciate all the questions I've gotten so far and I'm more than happy to continue that.

On that note, this week was the reticle challenge week.

Twinning with classmates has begun


Kadira @kadiracarter



One was planned the other was accidental, can you guess which?

A crash course on Kingston from an Uber driver

I was heading to pick some stuff at a shopping centre and my Uber driver saw me staring out of the window curiously. So I will educate you some of the stuff he taught me.

Below you will see three penitentiaries in Kingston. From left to right; the federal max where the worst are sent to, the minimum one where prisoners soon to be released are moved to and one that was closed because it was too old. It had been running since the 19th century.

Oh look, another church building.

You can tell that the first settlers here were very religious


Reticle Challenge

Before I say anything about my experience, let me provide some context.

Now, understand I am from Lagos, Nigeria where 10 degrees will cause a state of emergency. For me, this was not a game. I needed to prepare mentally and psychologically.  I had three layers to feel adequately ready for this challenge. I also brought a change of clothes in case.

After all that, I was still not ready.

The challenge is organized by former Canadian military special ops. They were the best of the best during their active days. I'm pretty sure they've handled worse situations than what they put us through. Thankfully they were very understanding and ready to teach. 




Equipment Check

The Reticle team came to check our equipment to make sure we were ready for what we were about to go through.


This was me fully layered up



Everyone had a very pleasant experience. I unfortunately can't go into too much detail but I will drop one hint of my favorite part. Blind, steering wheel. If you want to know the rest, come try it for yourself during your Queen's MBA. 

When you do decide to go for the challenge though, I urge you to dress adequately. I somehow felt like a wet towel in a plastic bag even after dropping a few layers. I  I switched between three pairs of socks from having wet feet. I brought an extra pair of bottoms too to switch in case I got wet. Yes, I was that prepared. I told you it was not a game.

FYI - I caught a cold afterwards. 

#WinterIsNotForMe #ITried #Dont@me

When You complete the challenge

There is a military tradition after you complete a major task where they coin you. The coin is used as a token to congratulate you on your accomplishment. The coins are also serialized so there will never be two coins with the same number. My class is the second group to complete this challenge ever but were the first to receive our coins. The previous class are due to receive theirs shortly though.



My coin



Till next week, 

Challenge yourself, try something new.

Team Christmas, Over and out.