MBAMondays: Discover. Toronto.

Back again with another post on the MBA experience at Queen's! 

I'm also not sick anymore.

Let's get to it.

We went on a trip to Toronto!


Hold that thought for a second.

We elected our President and Vice President for the year. 

Photo credit:  Matt Colby

Photo credit: Matt Colby

Please join me in congratulating Sherry (Madam President) & Sean (Mr Vice-President).  

Leading the race for teacher/professor of the year.


Ladies & gentlemen, teaching Financial Accounting, I present you, Prof. Len Anderson, CPA, CA. 

Disclaimer: I did not take this during class. It was at the end of a tutorial.

Obligatory Kingston Church Architecture


I'm not even going out of my way to find these. I would have to go out of my way to miss them really.

So, that Toronto thing ... 

In our program, we have a team of coaches dedicated exclusively to our career success. They are called the Career Advancement Center. We have access to them throughout the program and from what you will soon see, after the program. 

This event is part of our "Discover" phase. The goal for "Discover" is simple, discover careers you may not have previously considered or given much thought. If you had considered it previously, it would help solidify those convictions. So, they put together an event for us to meet Alumni and glean from what they do in their career Post-MBA.


And then teams took photos

Photo Credit: Emma Groia

Photo Credit: Applonia

P.S. - I could not get photos of everyone's teams. Either they didn't post the photo or their instagram page was "private".

Till next week, 

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